Enhance Sawing Productivity with the Stihl CutQuik® Saw Cart

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December 11, 2023 at 1:22:34 PM PST December 11, 2023 at 1:22:34 PM PSTth, December 11, 2023 at 1:22:34 PM PST

The Stihl Cutquik® FW20 Saw Cart is designed for Stihl cut-off saws when cutting expansion cuts or curbs and a wheeled tool is necessary. This cart is a helpful accessory for professionals who use these saws for cutting concrete, asphalt, and other materials. The cart features a large deflector as well as sealed bearing wheels to help keep out dust and debris.

Key Takeaways

  1. 1. The Stihl Cutquik Cart provides stability and support to Stihl Cut-Off Saws while cutting.

  2. 2. The recommended accessories with the Cutquik Cart are the mounting kit, water, tank, and guide arm.

  3. 3. Achieve precise cuts over a great length with depth measurements accurate to the millimeter.

The Purpose of the Stihl Cutquik Cart

The Stihl Cutquick Saw cart is designed to be used with the TS410, TS420, TS500I, TS700, and TS800. Using a Stihl QuickCut Saw Cart with your Stihl cut-off saw can improve both the quality and safety of your cutting tasks, making it a valuable accessory for professionals in various industries.

Stihl Cutquik Cart Accessories

It's important to ensure that the cart you choose is compatible with your specific Stihl cut-off saw model and that you follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe operation and maintenance. The parts you will need for the Stihl Cutquick saw cart include the cart itself, the mounting kit, a water tank, and a guide arm. The cart and mounting kit are required, and the water tank and guide arm are optional but strongly recommended.

A quick mounting conversion kit has been developed for use with the FW 20 cart for a selection of cut-off saws. Exchange the orange quick mounting system kit on the cart to adapt it for a TS410, TS 420, TS 500i, or the TS 700 and TS 800.

No need to drag a water hose along behind a cart, now you can take water with you. The Stihl Cutquik Water Tank fits right onto the STIHL Cutquik® cart. Simply grab it by the built-in handle, lift it off, fill it up, and slide it back into position. It holds up to 3.4 gallons and has a screen to help keep dirt and debris out of the tank. The translucent tank lets you easily keep an eye on the water level.

When you have to make long straight cuts, this optional Stihl Cutquik Guide Wheel stays out front and helps you stay the course. Easy to adjust and a must for any floor cutting.

The Stihl Cutquik Saw Cart is a game-changer for saw operators looking to boost their productivity. Its mobility, precision, safety features, and time-saving benefits make it a perfect tool for professionals in the field. By investing in this accessory, operators can work more efficiently, reduce fatigue, and produce higher-quality results. With the Stihl Cutquik Saw Cart, saw operators can take their craft to the next level, improving both their work and their overall job satisfaction. The Stihl Cutquik Cart offers improved handling and cutting performance with a forward weight orientation and a toolless quick connect system.